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비만에서 장내 미생물 균총의 역할과 발효 한약의 활용

The Role of Gut Microbiota in Obesity and Utilization of Fermented Herbal Extracts

J Korean Med Obes Res 2009;9:01-14
Published online June 30, 2009
Copyright © 2009 The Society of Korean Medicine for Obesity Research.

Jung-Hyun Park, O.M.D., Ho-Jun Kim, O.M.D., Myeong-Jong Lee, O.M.D.

동국대학교의료원 한방재활의학과
Department of Oriental Rehabilitation Medicine, Dongguk University Medical Center


경기 고양시 일산구 식사동 동국대학교의료원 한방재활의학과
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Received May 13, 2009; Revised May 22, 2009; Accepted May 27, 2009.
Complex microbial communities play an important role in the human health and co-evolved with human in the form of symbiosis. Many literatures provide new evidences that the increased prevalence of obesity cannot be attributed solely to changes in the human genome, nutritional habits, or reduction of physical activity in our daily lives. The intestinal flora was recently proposed as an environmental factor responsible for the control of body weight and energy metabolism. A number of studies suggest that the modulation of gut microbiota affects host metabolism and has an impact on energy storage and demonstrated a role for the gut microbiota in weight gain, fat increase, and insulin resistance. Variations in microbiota composition are found in obese humans and mice and the microbiota from an obese mouse confers an obese phenotype when transferred to an axenic mouse. As well, the gut microbial flora plays a role in converting nutrients into calories. Specific strategies for modifying gut microbiota may be a useful means to treat or prevent obesity. Dietary modulations of gut microbiota with a view to increasing bifidobacteria have demonstrated to reduce endotoxemia and improve metabolic diseases such as obesity. The fermentation of medicinal herbs is intended to exert a favorable influence on digestability, bioavailability and pharmacological activity of herbal extract. Therefore we also expect that the fermented herbal extracts may open up a new area to treat obesity through modulating gut microbiota.
Keywords : Gut Microbiota, Obesity, Fermented Herbal Extracts

December 2023, 23 (2)
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