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비만환자에 대한 방풍통성산의 치료효과
Effects of Bang-Pung-Tong-Seoung-San on obese patients
J Korean Med Obes Res 2001;1:-
Published online December 31, 2001
Copyright © 2001 The Society of Korean Medicine for Obesity Research.

Eun-Mi Choi, O.M.D.,·Eun-Kyung Ryu, O.M.D.,

꽃마을한방병원 비만클리닉
Obesity clinic, Conmaul Oriental Hospital
Eun-Mi Choi
Address : 1656-5, Seocho-Dong, Seocho -Ku, Seoul, Korea 137-070
E-mail :
Telephone : (02)3475-7012
Fax : (02)536-6995
Purpose : This study was designed to investigate the effects of Bang-Pung-Tong-Seoung-San on obese patients.
Materials and Methods : 20 patients that take Bang-Pung-Tong-Seoung-San during 3weeks at obesitic clinic, Conmaul Oriental Hospital from June 2000 to October 2000 were selected for this study.
Results : In the change of body composition, the reduction of weight was 2.46±1.31㎏, the reduction of percent body fat was 1.34±0.84%, the reduction of BMI was 0.96±0.47.
Conclusion : This study shows that Bang-Pung-Tong-Seoung-San is effective on weight reduction.
Keywords : Obesity, Bang-Pung-Tong-Seoung-San

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